Emergency Relief System Design and Design Basis

The OSHA PSM Standard requires the documentation of Relief System Design and Design Basis (29 CFR 1910.119 (d) (3) (i) (D)) as an accessible Process Safety Information for protection of employees, property, and environment. Relief System Design Basis are Critical Process Safety Information and requires to be maintained evergreen. 

Kaypear’s expertise in ERS Design and specialization in Design Institute of Emergency Relief System (DiERS) will ensure a cost-effective, clear, useable, understandable, accessible, and auditable ERS documentation. We ensure that ERS documents are in synergy with PHA scenarios. In addition, we can provide Corporate Guidelines, Recognized and Generally Accepted Good Engineering Practice (RAGAGEP), and Operating Practices of the Company. 

Our extensive experience, familiarity with commercially available software, and knowledge of RAGAGEP will ensure an efficient and successful project. Do you have any reactive hazard assessment and sizing needs? 

Has significant capacity expansion or technology change occurred needing a relief system analysis? How to size for two phase flow and supercritical fluids? Contact us to answer these questions and know how we can help you!